Selfies were more often fatal than sharks

Following a new drama involving a tourist in the middle of a self-portrait with his phone, Mashable found a staggering fact: the sharks, these feared beasts, made fewer deaths in 2017 than the selfies!

Sharks are seen as bloodthirsty predators, and films like The Teeth of the Sea convey the idea that they are deadly animals for humans. In fact, humans who die of shark attacks are few in number, and many studies regularly point out that they kill fewer people than mosquitoes or road accidents, for example. Mashable has gone a step further by comparing the mortality rate due to the attacks of sharks with that … selfies.

Just over 2017, the site has identified 12 cases of accidental deaths related to taking a photo with his phone. Indeed, to make the most impressive shots some do not hesitate to put themselves in danger, sometimes risking their lives … For their part, the sharks have only 8 human deaths to their credit on the same period.
Figures still incomplete

The year is not over, but the number of deadly shark attacks in the world has not exceeded 13 (in 2017) for 10 years now. However, let’s remember that these are only deadly aggression, and that accidents involving sharks turn between 55 and 83 per year.

Anyway, selfies can be dangerous, and it is always advisable to take some safety precautions before you look at the screen of your smartphone, starting to become aware of potential dangers and the environment.

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