A Husband kills His Dog Because Of His Son’s Death By Mistake

Written by Cristine

A young man married his girlfriend and did not have children so he decided to raise a pet dog and started to treat him like a child.With love and respect, five years later, the mother gave birth to a child and was very happy with him.
They were less interested in the dog than they were when the dog was jealous of the child and the child began to grow up and one day the parents decided to let the child sleep in his room alone until he learned to rely on himself.

In the middle of the night the child’s voice was heard shouting and the dog was barking and they rushed to know the cause of the child screaming. The father saw the neck of his child shed blood and died and covered the blood mouth and teeth dog rushed father to the kitchen and took the knife and stabbed the dog several stabs and silent dog did not try to defend himself because of his qualities to meet to death and after the death of the dog found the mother remnants of a snake on the bed near The child’s neck and the father confirmed that the cause of the death of the child is to bite the snake and that the dog eats the snake’s head in defense of his son. The father shouted a cry throughout the house because he was killed or his friend Do not rush to judge others, the accused innocent untilSuspend even a point that makes the publications always yours


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