Cat Crashes Fashion Show And Tries To Pick Fight With Models


The term “catwalk” got a brand new which means at the Vakko ESMOD International Fashion Show at the Emaar sq. Mall in city, Turkey once a true cat plopped itself on the runway. She set to require the stage — stealing each the spotlight and everyone’s heart.
The feline wasn’t a model invited on the stage to showcase new styles however was AN unwelcome person WHO couldn’t care less and weekday there amid passing models. though the models walking around it, the cat stayed targeted on its task, sometimes swatting at those that elapsed.
The incident happened during this fashion show created the audience was additional excited over the tiny animal’s act than the high fashion. Eventually, the cat picked up and walked down the runway itself, a lot of to the delight of the audience.
Watch the video below and please along with your friends and family!

She decided to take the stage — stealing both the spotlight and everyone’s heart.

Here’s video of the runway cat in action:

Cat walk!

Cat walk!

Posted by Life is Good on Friday, October 26, 2018

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