5 Amazing Stories of Dogs Devoted

Written by Cristine

Dog homeowners skills what proportion joy our beloved canine companions bring round our lives.
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They enrich US in little and unspectacular ways in which each day—by creating US laugh, keeping US company, and providing US unconditional love. My new National Geographic book, Devoted, focuses on thirty eight stories concerning the bond between extraordinary dogs and their humans—five of that area unit represented below. (Related: will Dogs Feel Our Emotions? Yawn Study Suggests affirmative.”)

We additionally need to listen to the story of you and your dog. Please share your photos with the Your Shot community through Oct a pair of.

The peace officer took her to the Nuneaton and Warwickshire life Sanctuary, an area supported and pass Geoff Grewcock to worry for sick and abraded animals. then associate act of fate would modification the lifetime of not solely a dog and someone, however many alternative animals yet.

“When I 1st met bush, you may tell she had been showing emotion blasted however was a delicate dog naturally,” Grewcock aforesaid. “And soon, she started nurturing the alternative animals.”

Jasmine became noted for taking part in mother over the years to puppies, foxes, a fawn, four badger cubs, 15 chicks, eight guinea pigs, 15 rabbits, a deer—and one in all her favorites, a goose.

“There area unit bound things solely associate animal mother will give, and bush provided it,” aforesaid Grewcock.

Jasmine kicked the bucket within the fall of 2011, an occasion marked by worldwide donations created in her honor to the sanctuary, that continues to care—if not with Jasmine’s personal style—for animals in would like.

“Her passing was therefore unhappy,” aforesaid Grewcock. “But she was a legendary animal, and her inheritance continues. ”


Thanks to Wilma, Steve Sietos might alright be the world’s solely fireman/herbalist/energy therapist. it absolutely was love initially sight once Wilma nether region bull was brought into Sietos’s borough fire station. She was hungry and sick, her hair was matted, her tongue stayed at a weird angle—but she ne’er stopped wagging her tail. (Take BUZZGI dog quiz.)

But when Wilma was diagnosed with brain disease, Sietos went bankrupt defrayal $8,000 on futile treatments.

“I aforesaid to myself, ‘No a lot of vets,'” he said. “I started researching herbs and flower essences that facilitate immune systems, which was the start of her healing.”

It was additionally the start of Sietos’s further career as a clinical therapist. He currently helps each animals and other people.

As for Wilma, she’s improved and has taken on a task typically reserved for dalmatians: fire station Fido.

Wilma was saved by the captain of Steve Sietos’s firehouse; Sietos later adopted her.


A little enthusiasm will take you far—in the case of Pearl the black science laboratory, all the manner from a Golden State pound to Haiti.

At the animal shelter, a bunch that trains seeing-eye dogs saw promise in her. Then they need to apprehend her.

“Halfway through testing her, the rescue aforesaid, ‘This dog is far too hyper,'” aforesaid Pearl’s owner and handler, Los Angeles protector Captain West Chadic Horetski.

That was music to the ears of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, since search and rescue missions need around-the-clock work and a “Wait, i am simply obtaining going!” perspective. (Watch a video of operating dogs.)

After arduous coaching, the combine was deployed in 2010 to earthquake-stricken Haiti as a part of the primary ever international canine search and rescue team. The combine additionally traveled to Japan when the 2011 tidal wave.

When reception, Pearl accompanies her owner 24/7, as a part of the program’s pointers, however “she’s a piece dog, therefore she’s not on my lap observance TV in the dark,” aforesaid Horetski.

“And we do not attend the dog run to play, as a result of she has to be prepared associated have the energy for an emergency. however she’s most quite a pet to American state. She’s my partner.”

Pearl, a retriever World Health Organization lived in an exceedingly shelter, may be a search-and-rescue dog World Health Organization helps when natural and artificial disasters.


Sometimes, so as to essentially listen, it helps after you cannot hear something in the slightest degree.

That’s the case with Luca, a deaf pit bull whose gift as a medical aid dog comes from what others may understand as a incapacity.

Luca, World Health Organization was adopted as a puppy from a shelter, was trained by his homeowners, Rupert Brooke woodlouse and Dave Goldstein, to form constant eye contact therefore he might follow

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