The New York subway prohibits dogs from entering unless they go in a bag, and these 15 owners are very original


When the city of New York decided to implement policies to prohibit dogs from entering the subway, many pet owners, who are regular travelers, were very unhappy because now they could not move around the city without the company of their beloved pets.


After learning well about these regulations decided that something had to be done about it and got down to work. This rule indicated that only dogs that fit in a bag to transport them could be considered travelers suitable for the subway. This was unfair for dogs of large breeds, but citizens accepted the challenge.


At first it seemed that any dog ​​over 5 kilos could not travel in the subway, but all the inhabitants of the city are very creative and are full of resources to face the system in the best possible way.


If there were no people with initiative this would be a serious problem for all pet owners who do not have a tiny dog, but thank God this time it has been solved with a bag of the size necessary for your dog to go inside calmly .


Then we show you some of the examples, that surely if you go to New York you will find them by the subway. Of course, it is a way to comply with the law, not to disturb the rest of the passengers and even the dogs are comfortable!

Check out the following photos:
1. A Pit Bull in a handbag.

2. Traveling with style.

3. Whatever you say, Daddy!

4. You still have to get used to this.

5. Backpack or sleeping bag?

6. The best.

7. More comfortable impossible.

8. Taking the subway.

9. Amazing …

10. What’s wrong?

11. Too good.

12. Balto in a bag!

13. I could do this.

14. In a good position

15. A little one.


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