Sad Dog Filmed ‘Crying’ At Shelter Can’t Believe How Great New Life Is


The pit bull was crying. At least that’s what it looked like to Sarah Sleime, a volunteer for the Greater Charlotte SPCA.

Sleime was visiting a shelter run by Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control(CMACC) in North Carolina when she came across the crying dog.

Source: Meghan Shelton

“I was waiting for them [the shelter workers] to health check a couple of the dogs we were considering pulling, and I was walking up and down the kennels, and I just saw this pit bull sitting there, and she was very humanlike — slumped over and very solemn,” Sleime told The Dodo. “So I bent over and started talking to her.

Source: Meghan Shelton

Sleime could see that the 7-year-old pit bull had very recently had a litter of puppies, although the puppies weren’t with her now. And when Sleime spoke to her, the dog’s eyes watered with what looked like tears. “It was the craziest phenomenon,” Sleime said.” Click next to read more.

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